Why Marriage?

by Dena Acolatse

For people who love or aspire to love, a unique gift that provides the inspiration to take responsibility for creating successful relationships.

One important way love manifests itself is in the union of two people in a relationship or marriage.  Success in relationships begins with love of and responsibility for self.  Before an individual can create something significant with another person, or go on to create a family or any significant change in the world, she or he must be strong and confident in self-love.

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A wonderful gift!

The unique Why Marriage? statement is the inspirational articulation of love and marriage. Your product-of-choice when selecting an engagement, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day and even holiday or birthday gift for someone you love.

Format Details

We offer the Why Marriage? statement from a female’s perspective, a male’s perspective, and a neutral perspective.

  • For Her: I long to love one woman...
  • For Him: I long to love one man...
  • Neutral: I long to love one person...

Statement size is 16 x 20 inches.

Arrives ready for you to custom frame.

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I love this. I read this to my fiancee last weekend and he cried. He said he has never heard anything that spoke so true of our relationship.
Michelle F.
Brought tears to my eyes! And a smile to my heart!
So true.
This is the most true to life poem about marriage I have ever read.
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